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Haco - Qoosui

CD+Digital release - September 1st, 2017 on Room 40-subsidiary Someone Good.
Distribution in Japan, Inpartmaint -CD (+1 DL bonus track) for sale from September 10th.

Haco, the singer, lyricist, composer, and founder of the legendary avant-pop band, After Dinner, has her followers around the world. For her seventh solo album, she worked with Stabilo (Speaker Gain Teardrop) and Gallery Six, masters of the Hiroshima ambient scene, and Tarnovski (Gurun Gurun), a key figure in Czech experimental-electro music. Her layered whispering voice rises up from floating electronics and nature sounds to achieve a new pinnacle in dreamy ambient pop!

Haco “Qoosui” album Launch + Tarnovski (Gurun Gurun) Japan Tour 2017

With the Qoosui collaborators, Stabilo (Speaker Gain Teardrop) and Gallery Six, + special guests, Dusting Wong & Takako Minekawa, Minamo (Tetsuro Yasunaga & Kenichi Sugimoto), Moskitoo, and more!

TOUR DATES in September-October

■ Sat.16 Sep OSAKA @ Aotsuki Librairie  w/ stabilo/ Gallery Six/ Ayaka Nagahama
OPEN 18:00/ START 19:00  ¥2,500(+1drink order)

■ Sun.17 Sep KOBE @ Port City Kobe Art Festival (Port Island Kita Koen) 

    w/ Gallery Six/【DJ】km: + musika-nt
15:00〜20:00  Admission Free

■ Mon.18 SepKYOTO @ UrBANGUILD  w/ Tayutau
OPEN 18:30/ START 19:00  Adv. ¥2,000/ Door. ¥2,300  (+1drink¥600)

■ Thu. 21 Sep OKAYAMA @ Pepperland 

    w/ yoromeki/ Electric Banana Moon/ Takafumi Nakatake/ Ryoji Miyake/ ficus lot
OPEN 18:30/ START 19:00  ¥2,000(+1drink¥500)Student -¥500

■ Fri. 22 Sep HIROSHIMA @ Organ-za 
w/ stabilo/ Gallery Six/ Hitohadagumo/ Chieko Takeda
OPEN 18:30/ START 19:00  Adv.¥2,000/ Door.¥2,500 (+1drink order)

■ Sat.23 Sep FUKUOKA @ art space TETRA  w/ stabilo/ Gallery Six

    OPEN 19:00/ START 19:30  ¥2,000(+1drink¥500)

■ Sun. 24 SepOITA @ AT HALL  w/ Gallery Six/ Momoka Akashi
   OPEN 18:30/ START 19:00  Adv.¥2,800/ Door.¥3,800 (+1drink order),
     Under elementary school child: Admission Free, Student ¥1500 (+1drink order)

■ Mon. 25 SepHOFU @ Indo-yo  w/ Suha/【DJ】Tsuzuki Hisashi
OPEN 19:00/ START 20:00  ¥1,000(+1drink¥500)

■ Fri. 29 SepNAGOTA @ K.D Japón  w/ ein fiance/ kiiiu

    OPEN 18:30/ START 19:00  ¥2,500 Student ¥2,000 (+1 drink order)

■ Sat. 30 Sep TOKYO @ gift_lab GARAGE 
w/ minamo (Tetsuro Yasunaga & Kenichi Sugimoto)/ Moskitoo
OPEN 18:30/ START 19:00  Adv.¥2,500円/ Door.¥2,800円(+1drink order)

■ Sun.1 Oct TOKYO @ Nanahari  w/ Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa (Ambient Set)

    OPEN 17:30/ START 18:00  Adv.¥2,800/ Door.¥3,300 ※Tokyo 2-day discount -¥500 (+special gift)

+ Playing “Qoosui Japan Tour Mix: compiled and mixed by Tarnovski, 2017” in each venue!
+ Haco’s playing accompanied by a new collaborative video (by Mariko Tajiri & Haco)!


                                                                  Photo: Masakazu Fukuta


Haco has received recognition internationally as the founder, singer, lyricist and composer of the legendary avant-pop group, After Dinner, one of the first Japanese indie bands to tour abroad and to receive the unanimous praise of music publications such as NME and Melody Maker in the 1980s. Since 1987, she has been invited to appear in numerous experimental music and art festivals in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand, and has toured internationally almost every year. Hailed as one of the first female proponents of onkyo, Haco has made field recording environmental sounds from daily life and used them as materials in her composing, programming and mixing.

In 1990, she appeared in the film Step Across the Border, a documentary on Fred Frith, which was selected as one of the top 100 films of all time by Cahiers du Cinema. Since 1995, she has expanded her delicate and dreamy world of music based on her transparently feathery voice as a solo artist and recorded in collaborative projects such as Hoahio, Ash in the Rainbow, and Yesterday's Heroes. She has also released on ReR Megacorp (UK) and Tzadik (US) among many others.

In 2005, her sound-art CD Stereo Bugscope 00 was awarded a prize in the digital music category at Prix Ars Electronica in Austria. Since then, she has been invited to give lectures, workshops, and sound performances at art schools and conferences in many countries.

In 2007, she released the album Riska, followed by Forever and Ever in 2011, and Secret Garden, her sixth solo album, in 2015. The last was acclaimed as a seamless blend of experimentalism and pop. Recently, Haco’s work combines her soft, airy voice with electronic sounds and organic methods.

She has taken part in numerous international collaborations with various artists, including recordings, improvisations, contemporary dances, and soundtracks. Haco is renowned for the charm of her melody lines, and the power of her music and performances, which are both highly skilled and completely natural. Her work transcends conventional genres and national borders, and continues to attract new fans of all ages.

“A founding member of the legendary band After Dinner, Haco is one of the most versatile vocalists in the Japanese indies scene.” (John Zorn)



Tarnovski is a musician, composer and producer, one of the founding members of experimental pop band Miou Miou and the Czech post-everything quartet Gurun Gurun.

Named after a fictional planet from the old school Slovak sci-fi TV series She Came Out of the Blue Sky, Gurun Gurun’s musical work combines analogue synthesizers, manipulated field recordings, piezo-amplified objects, DIY instruments and effects to span musical spaces ranging from hypno-minimalist atmospheres to the warm tones of slow moving, repetitive melodic stanzas. Gurun Gurun often work with Japanese musicians such as Asuna, Moskitoo, Sawako, Mergrim, and Aus. Currently they are working on a new album with Haco. (Recorded in Prague in 2016).

Tarnovski also plays solo, in the experimental duo Wabi Experience (their debut album will be out in 2018), in the Czech all-stars improv collective IQ+1 and in the krautrock/shoegaze band called The Czech Psychedelic Society Manifesto. He has released two field recording albums under moniker Prosoxi Skylos.

Tarnovski has been also performing live remix of the Zdenek Liska’s film scores. Zdenek Liska was a cult Czech composer who produced a large of number film scores (e.g. Jan Svankmajer, Vera Chytilova, and Karel Zeman) across a prolific career.

Tarnovski works as a music composer for radio, animated film, multimedia and art installations. He also runs Jipangu, a small label focused on experimental music and sound art.

His live sets commonly include a mixture of glitch electronica, musique concrète, drones, computer deconstruction, quirky sonorities and field recordings.

Tarnovski is currently working on his first solo album. In 2017, his collaboration ambient album with Mexican multimedia artist
Laura Luna was released on the Czech label, Genot Centre.


stabilo (speaker gain teardrop)

Based in Hiroshima, Japan, stabilo is the solo project of Yasutica Horibe.
He plays the guitar in the band, ‘speaker gain teardrop’, which is based in Hiroshima.
‘stabilo’ was born when he started making music that was difficult to be expressed by
this band using the laptop from 2002.


Gallery Six

Hidekazu Imashige aka Gallery Six is an artist and composer who lives in Hiroshima, Japan.

He began his career as a musician playing drums in some rock bands, then in 2008 he started making ambient music releasing the Invisible EP on Twisted Tree Line (UK), Element Perspective 071 on Element Perspective (Japan) and some self-released albums.

In 2010 Gallery Six with other Japanese artists have formed the "ArtLism. JP" art group, made up of musician, photographer and film director, met together around the concept of interplay between "Art + Altruism".

Creating fragile ambient textures and experimental sounds based on his thought that "Everything in the world has two faces, so we need to watch them from both sides", his sound combines elements such as beauty and dirty or light and dark. His musical research is aimed at exploring the relationship between the opposite, incorporating a wide range of source materials including field recordings, noises or glitches.


Flyer design: Yasutica Hribe