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Artwork © Masakazu Fukuta 2019.

"To be carried away by Haco’s music is like levitating comfortably on a cozy, beautiful and

inspiring space.

"by Guillermo Escudero ーLoop (CL), November 19, 2017

"Delicato campionario ipnagogico di sgocciolanti field recordings, distorsioni discrete applicate su scie ambientali, refoli folk, soffuse trame canore nippo fluttuanti e qualche crepitio da inceppo digitale a raschiar nel fondo."

by Marco Carcasiー Kathodik (IT), November 2 , 2017

“We should also mention the strong presence of “water” on this album, and not just the sound effects and field recordings but the general watery vibe that emerges to the extent that David Toop has been prompted on this occasion to dub Haco a “water spirit”. Plus there’s the lyrical titles, such as ‘White Letter From Heaven’ and ‘Shooting Stars in your Eyes’. Somehow, this is the kind of delicate poetic form which only the Japanese can do without becoming sentimental or soppy. Yours truly, won over."

by Ed Pinsentー The Sound Projector (US), March 6 , 2018

"Haco is een Japanse zangeres en multi-instrumentaliste die intussen al 23 jaar lang haar stem gebruikt om de meest wonderbaarlijke sferen op ons los te laten. Bizar genoeg hebben we haar zelf grotendeels gemist. Een snelle luistertrip doorheen haar oeuvre, leerde ons heel wat parels kennen. Voor ons is dit een project op eenzame hoogte. Dankjewel voor zoveel mooie muziek."

by Peter De Koningー Dark Entries (BE),  April 16, 2018

by Gregoire Bressacー Revue & Corrigee (FR), March 18, 2018