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Haco's Secret Garden is now available to order online through the following shops.

Wayside Music (USA)

“For over 30 years, first with her group After Dinner and then as a solo artist and international musical collaborator, composer and vocalist Haco has been charming folks with her unique take on post-punk, electroacoustics, avant-garde, improvisation, post-rock, environmental sound and technology. This is the latest charmer!

"A fairy take in electric circuits."-Toshiya

"The leader of After Dinner's new solo album. This album is vocal based with some acoustic instruments and electronics. It includes long distance collaborations with dear friends and great musicians on guitar, bass, harmonium and other instruments."”

ReR Megacorp (UK)

“Haco continues to plough her unique furrow. Small sounds, electronics, distant choirs and floating strands that coalesce into islands of harmony and song before they break apart again. If there's a secret Japanese underground, this is it. Handmade and always inventive, but light as gossamer.”

Far Side Music (UK)

“Vocal based album of long distance collaboratations by Haco the renowned composer/vocalist/electroacoustic performer and sound artist. Haco has performed throughout the world as a solo performer as well as with her band After Dinner and the female trio Hoahio, combining elements of post-punk, electroacoustics, avant-garde improvisation, post-rock and technology.”

Worm (The Netherlands)

“This vocal-based album includes long-distance collaborations with her dear friends and great musicians such as Marcelo Radulovich (USA - guitar/bass/others), Stuart O’Connor (UK - guitar/bass/others) ), and Sigbjørn Apeland (Norway - harmonium).”


Amazon.com (USA)

We'll announce more shops! “Please stay tuned”.