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Nova Naturo

Maybe the turbulent sky itself is singing – blue sky, intense bright sky, dark moon sky – its many voices emanating from frozen rain drops, pollen carried by breezes, insects too small to see with the naked eye, hummingbirds, leaves as they fall from trees, mist that shrouds the world in mystery yet speaks of a new nature, without a body yet with many bodies. A voice is floating, almost within reach, travelling as if a physical being, moving far away yet always here, so close as to be inside, spinning inside each lantern, flickering light.

by David Toop, for Haco

おそらく変転きわまりない天空そのものが唱っている – 蒼い空、うららかに輝ける空、うす暗い月夜の空 – それは、凍てついた雨滴、そよ風に運ばれた花粉、肉眼では見えにくい小さな虫たち、ハチドリ、木々の落ち葉、ある新しい自然という神秘で世界を包みこむ靄、たくさんのカラダでもってカラダを超えた、それらすべてから発せられる幾つもの声声。ひと声は、浮遊し、手も届かんばかりに、存在するかのように動きまわり、はるか遠くへと旅しても絶えずここにいて、意識内に近づき、内なる個々のランタンを回転させ、またたく灯、となる。



秘密のNova Naturo。







Hacoさんの新しいアルバム「Nova Naturo」から




Between dreams and reality,

there is a secret Nova Naturo.

Rhythm of life, multiple colored flowers of sound, gentle breezes of echoes.         From a record player covered with ivy,

Haco’s ringing whispering voices are resounding forever and ever.

Today is the first day,

when future nature and past technology share the joy of twinkling existence—

I imagined such a warm and mysterious day in the future through Haco’s album, Nova Naturo.

I was delighted that I could listen to the newest music by Haco who I have adored for many years.

by Moskitoo