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HACO - Forever and Ever (music video)

Video by Karen Vanderborght

Words and music by Haco.
From the album Forever and Ever, released in 2011

Haco Live at Punctum (full show)
in Prague, Czech Republic - September 29, 2016


1. Seiren 00:00

2. Linked in a Dream 07:00

3. Over the Unfinished Bridge 14:10

4. (I Won't) Leave a Trace 20:30

5. Never Get Over 28:20

  1. 6.The Room of Hair-Mobile 39:45

Video by Radim Labuda
Visuals by Haco & Mariko Tajiri

HACO - Whitning Shadows (music video)

Video by Karen Vanderborght

Music by Haco, Stuart O'Connor, and Ollie George
Words by Haco and Stuart O'Connor
From the album Secret Garden, released in 2015

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HACO - Tidal (from “Qoosui”) 2017 (music video)

Video by Masakazu Fukuta (from the 2016 installation work "jewel")

Music by Haco and Stabilo

Words by Haco

Electronics, field-recording: Stabilo

Electronics (stardust sounds): Tarnovski

Sampler: Haco (sampled sound: electric guitar by Yasutica Horibe of Speaker Gain Teardrop)

Vocals: Haco

Mixed by Haco

Sub-mixed by Stabilo, and Tarnovski

Mastered by Ondřej Ježek